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Buttercup and Daisies

Buttercup and Daisies


Buttercup and Daisies is the first in a series of mini paintings at a very special price which I am creating to celebrate turning a certain age!
All the paintings in my mini series are 5-8cm and will initially be available UNFRAMED at a price of £60

Buttercups and Daisies is 8cm x 4.8cm and is painted in oils on 7mm deep gesso board and is NOW ONLY AVAILABLE FRAMED and ready to hang in a black frame with gold inner edge 17cm x 14cm, see final Image


please note that I will put the paintings up for sale as soon as they are finished so there may be a short delay between ordering and posting as I will need to ensure the paint is dry and varnished
I hope to post each order within 7 daysbut will let you know if it is likely to be any different

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