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My area of artistic practice is painting, underpinned by close observational drawing.


I have a continuing engagement with thematic collections and am inspired by the history and associations inherent in ordinary objects and materials, particularly from the domestic environment. I am interested in the arrangement, combination and repetition of these familiar items and the narrative, atmosphere or resonances which can be evoked by the considered choices of subject and composition. I also enjoy playing on their anthropomorphic qualities.


Working from a contemporary perspective rooted in the tradition of realistic still life painting, I paint directly from life and employ a representational style to evoke the qualities of the subject which first attracted my attention, without losing the physicality of oil paint on a flat surface. The use of a minimal background with soft, directional light ensures the emphasis of the painting focuses uncompromisingly on the subjects and their relationships.


..... myself


My path to becoming a professional artist has not been straightforward!


Despite having drawn and painted all my life, I was unable to pursue art at school as it didn’t fit in with the other more ‘academic’ and scientific subjects. Hence on leaving school I studied for a Chemistry degree before having my two children and it was only while bringing the children up that I found the opportunity to develop further artistically.


I initially studied with the Open College of the Arts and then undertook an Access to Art and Design course at North Oxfordshire School of Art, in Banbury. After this I moved on to study part time for a Fine Art degree with De Montfort University as a ‘mature student’, finally graduating in 2002 with First Class Hons. During, and after, this time I also worked part-time as a picture researcher and photo librarian in a photographic library, though the rise in digital photography led to redundancy 2007.


I have continuously developed my painting since this time working from Commercial Square Studios, High Wycombe 2015-18, and now thoroughly enjoying working from my new studio in the lovely village of Turville in the Chilterns,  see Turville Studios for info




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