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Selected for the RA Summer Exhibition 2023!

Well I never thought it would happen, but after years of trying I'm delighted to have finally had a piece selected for the RA Summer Exhibition 2023!!

'Gathering Dust' oil on canvas board 40cm x 40cm

The idea for it came to me around 3 years ago after washing all the yellow dusters at home - one of those lockdown chores to fill the day!!!

When I folded and stacked them they were a lovely subtle mix of yellows with flashes of the classic red thread. I know some came from my parents home after we cleared it and they had become much paler after many more years use than my own! So the pile migrated to my studio and I did the initial underpainting of them sitting on a dark reflective surface before putting it (and the dusters!) on one side to work on pieces for other exhibitions.

Late last Summer - two years later(!) I finally had the time to complete it and added the can of spray. The pile of dusters had been carefully kept the same and had indeed gathered lots of dust, as had my home!!

The Summer Exhibition at the Royal Academy opens on 13th June and runs till 20th August

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